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If you've come here looking for information about CDmaxhtm, here it is:

Okay, a bit more explanation is needed.

My 'current project' is writing a program that generates HTML (Web) pages from a database. The database is created by CDmax, a (shareware) program that plays CDs on your computer, and (here's the good part) gets the CD Title, Artist and Track List from a (free) database on the internet (at )

So what you see (here)is the output of my program. My program uses the output of another program (CDmax) for input, so the whole thing is pretty automatic.

I am getting close to 50% done with getting all my CDs into the database. It's going slowly because I listen to each of them, rather than just cycling them through to get the data.

I started with mostly 'various artists' albums at first so I could check out my program's behavior.

I think the version of the program I have now is the 'official' prototype. It is Two DOS .BAT files and Five gawk (GNU Awk) scripts. Next I plan to code it in Java and then give it away (no charge) from this web page.

So what y'all should be doing now is get the CDmax program from and listen to your CDs with your computer while on the Internet. That will build up a database for you, so when you get my program, you can generate HTML pages to use locally as a personal CD catalog, or upload the pages to a Web site so people can see what's in your CD library.

Please check back here later for further developments, or email me with questions and suggestions

e-mail Russell and Jane here!

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